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Honest Raw Organic Chocolate

The name says it all – Honest Chocolate is 100% pure, unadulterated chocolate. Raw and with nothing to hide, everything it shows is deliciously good. Hand made in Cape Town!

Note: Food With A Story has included these details on behalf of Honest Raw Organic Chocolate. If you are from Honest Raw Organic Chocolate please contact us to get profiled and/or have the listing transferred.

Tamboerskloof, Cape Town, Western Cape

Retail outlets

This product is listed as available from the following retail outlets:

Ethical Co-Op   Neighbourgoods Market (Woodstock)   Wellness Warehouse (Cape Town)   Kwalapa Organic Wholefoods Store (Cape Town)   Fresh Earth Food Store (Johannesburg)  
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Chocolate that honestly has nothing to hide

The name says it all – Honest Chocolate is 100% pure, unadulterated chocolate. Raw and with nothing to hide, everything it shows is deliciously good.

On the hot February morning that the Food With A Story team visited the Honest Chocolate headquarters, the backroom of the Tamboerskloof house they operate from was welcomingly cool. The hobby cum business has just recently reached the point where the team have been able to invest in an air conditioner to better manage production environment of the heat-sensitive raw chocolate. Before this, Anthony and Michael were waking at 2am to make chocolate before the heat of the day set in.

Cool tempers save healthful properties

Anthony began his chocolate journey in 2008 when he started eating raw cacao to reap the health benefits of its wonderful anti-oxidising properties; properties that are ruined through the common method of roasting the cacao bean before using it. His foray into making chocolate from raw cacao happened after meeting a New Yorker, while travelling, who was into making the raw chocolate treats. Anthony started making bon-bon’s - which he was making the day we visited - as a hobby, acquiring his skills by watching internet-based videos. Soon his friend Michael became interested and joined in, and the two experimented together slowly perfecting the traditional craft of ‘table-top tempering’ using a granite slab.

Tempering is a method of massaging a blend of raw cacao and agave nectar with a palette using long sweeping movements until the mixture thickens. This motion lowers the carefully measured temperature of the chocolate from 42 degrees (well below the accepted ‘raw’ temperature of 46 degrees) to a workable 32 degrees (Anthony uses a hair-drier and thermometer to manage the temperature while tempering). When the viscosity is just right, Anthony can tell that the correct type of crystals have been formed (beta crystals), giving Honest Chocolate just the right gloss and snap.

The work is carefully conducted in an almost scientific fashion (though we’d say it’s more of an art) because the delicate nature of the process means that just one mistake can ruin an entire batch. And since all of Anthony and Michael’s ingredients are high quality imported organics (chocolate ingredients aren’t common to South Africa) bought in small quantities, one little mistake can prove to be very costly indeed.

A craft of the utmost care

In the Honest chocolate lab, every day can be different. With such sensitive ingredients, the slightest climatic changes affect the product and Anthony and Michael need to make tiny adjustments to recipes to find the right balance. Equally, because no preservatives or emulsifiers are added, the final product also needs to be treated with care – the bars should be stored below 28 degrees and the bonbons below 22 degrees, and then warmed to room temperature before eating - to get the best of the flavours.

Anthony and Michael are driven by the love of the craft and the idea that they are making something natural for people to enjoy. Anthony finds it interesting watching people’s tastes change; initially milk-chocolate eaters find the dark chocolate too bitter, but the taste is quickly acquired and then there’s no turning back! He describes their chocolate as “slow made and slow eating”; one only needs a small piece to satisfy the deepest craving, unlike the sugar laden milk-chocolate that tends to make one crave endlessly. There’s a good reason for this; high quantities of the bitter alkaloid theobromine, an appetite suppressant, is found in raw cacao (it can also lower blood pressure). Our point? This chocolate won’t make you fat!

Now that the business is growing, Anthony and Michael will be able to dedicate more time to experimenting with the chocolate and we can look forward to some interesting new varieties in the near future.

The best ways to enjoy it

The guys recommend enhancing a cup of coffee with their chocolate (Superette in Woodstock often serve blocks of Honest 80% chocolate with a cuppa), or even savouring one or two bonbons with a brandy or a good pinotage. Their chocolate spread is delicious smeared on toast (the coconut oil melts into the bread…hmmm!) or pancakes, in smoothies or as a rich coating for strawberries. But best of all is just as it is of course!

The benefits of eating it

  • Raw (natural enzymes, anti-oxidants and minerals retained)
  • 100% organic ingredients (GM-free and free from potentially harmful pesticides)
  • Sugar-free
  • Diabetic-friendly (sweetened with Blue Agave nectar which has a low glycemic index)
  • Made and packaged locally
  • Tastes amazing!

Anthony and Michael outside the 'Raw Chocolate Factory'

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