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The Munching Mongoose

Organically farmed vegetables, free-range and grass-fed milk and eggs, organic and gourmet cheese and a weekly "surprise" product all packaged in an environmentally friendly box and delivered to your door on a weekly basis.

Johannesburg, Gauteng

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The Munching Mongoose is focussed on improving the lives of others through great experiences, high quality products, top notch service and good will. We offer a fresh approach to food, health, ideas and relationships and we love having others join us on our journey!

We have an array of healthy, unique and delicious foods that we deliver right to your door on a weekly basis. Our products are sourced from farmers and gastronomic artisans who use sustainable, ethical and organic-based principles right here in South Africa.

We are a couple of friends who share the belief that doing good results in, well, good! The Munching Mongoose was born out of a simple idea – source and gather great food and make it convenient for others. It started with us finding healthy food for our friends and family and then it just grew from there!

We are a young company but we believe in old-fashioned principles - we believe that integrity and honesty are the roots to long lasting relationships and we believe that family is important. We are passionate about looking after people and the environment – while having fun and not taking ourselves too seriously!

We want as many people as possible to take this healthy, happy journey with us – making the world a better place, one box at a time!


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