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Infinity Farm

We are a permaculture farm producing ethical and environmentally friendly meat, focusing on working with nature rather than against it. Our farm is free of chemicals, pesticides and herbicides. All our produce is the result of nature's infinite goodness. We also offer advanced courses on Permaculture living, homesteading and how to live a zero footprint life. We also offer accommodation facilities on the farm for a journey back to nature and your inner self.

Riversdale, Western Cape

Where you can find it

We offer meat packaged and processed by the local butcher to ensure proper cuttings and hygienic standards.
Due to the limited number of produce, we are unable to deliver and are not able to provide for wholesale. We encourage our customers to come and look on the farm so that they can see the value of our efforts, the animal friendly approach and the advantages of farming with nature.

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There is a saying, "you are what you eat". However, do we really know what we are eating when we buy our meat, vegetables and processed foods from our local supermarket? Unfortunately, the way we create our food has been covered badly in the news lately speaking of animal abuse, pesticides that kill our bees, land erosion and toxic fertilisers to name but a few. Yes, current agricultural practices are harmful to the enviroment. But is there an alternative if we want to feed the ever increasing population? Yes there is and that is were Infinity Farm comes in. We are farming using permaculture principles with an utmost respect for nature. Permaculture, a system developed by Bill Mollison in Australia, uses the energies natures provides us (wind, water and sun) to recreate a natural ecosystem that is to the benefit of all. By using the lessons of nature, combined with the human design techniques, we are able to create natural edible food systems.

Infinity Farm raises sheep and lambs on permanent pastures that contain hundreds indigenous edible plant/shrub/tree species making sure the animals have access to a large variety of food while also providing them with their own pharmacy. There is no need for dipping, chemical treatment or any from of medicine that might reduce the wellbeing of the animals or the flavour of the meat. Our animals are loved and treated with respect. We do not perform cruel ineffective practices such as tail docking (cutting off the tail) or castration. Although the animals roam the farm land freely, they are quite tame and enjoy a good massage from time to time.

To be able to maintain a high produce standard and to conserve the natural environment, we keep the count of our animals well below the carrying capacity. Therefor we can only supply a limited quantity of meat. Contact us for your share if you want to taste meat as it was meant to be.

We invite you to come and visit the farm. See for yourself so that you know what you are eating.

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Organically raised free-range lamb

from Infinity Farm

Enjoy the taste of lamb as it was meant to be. All lambs are raised on free-range pastures and are totally free of chemicals and pesticides. They are treated with love and respect.

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