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KishMish - Persian product range

Delightfully colourful KishMish products bring Persian flavours into South African terrain. Sharon and Amal Ma'ani and their family are passionate about sharing Amal's heritage.


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Story by Astra Zittlau

Experience Persian culture right in the heart of KwaZulu-Natal

To Sharon and Amal Ma’ani, food is all about the experience. Their belief is that food brings people together - a key aspect of the Persian culture.  Indeed, it is part of what brought Sharon and Amal together, when Sharon started spending time at Amal’s house when she was just 16. “The first time I ever ate rice was at Amal’s house. His family always ate such amazing meals.” So began the love story of Sharon and Amal and their labor of love, KishMish.

Having moved from Iran to London at the age of 13, Amal got to experience different cultures and foods firsthand. As a cultural norm, his family was always together around the table and in the kitchen. Today, this Persian influence remains in Sharon and Amal’s own family - in their food and way of life. Food is their passion, and as a family, the Ma’ani’s are always experimenting in their kitchen with new flavours and experiences. This, and their desire to share their passion, is what gave rise to their tantalising food business, KishMish - a range of spices, cordials, chutneys, preserves and teas.

People often scared to try new flavours, but “no going back” after

Their biggest challenge, believes Amal, is that people are scared to experience new flavours. But, he adds, once they’ve tried KishMish “there’s no going back”.  The explosion of flavours keeps people coming back for more. But it’s not only in the food. “You need to feed the eye as well as the stomach” says Amal, and this is certainly true in KishMish’s offerings.  Not only are the flavors unique, the packaging captures your imagination and giving a visual taste of the colourful flavours inside.

Persian culture right on your South African stoep

Persian culture needn’t be experienced in Iran, rather it can be an exotic guest at a good old South African braai with Persian Braai spice on your kebabs, “lick the bottom of the bowl” chip dip with Greek Yoghurt Seasoning and not to mention the Pomegranate and Rose cordial for refreshing drinks. particularly enjoys their tea blends and spices.

Most of their ingredients are locally sourced, but Persian style often requires spices not locally available. Sharon and Amal love idea of being able to create authentic flavours from Pietermaritzburg, as well as classic Persia.  “People have a strange belief that cultural flavours are only authentic if they are made in the country they originate from. Culture travels with us.” And that’s what makes KishMish unique.

KishMish products are available in Gauteng and KZN. For outlets see:


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