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Balanced Dimensions

We provide health meals for those on weight control, weight loss or body building plans. Health meals prepared and delivered to save time and keep you on plan

Ferndale, Johannesburg, Gauteng

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Balanced Dimensions introduces a simple way to fast-track and maintain your weight management eating plans and/or sports conditioning eating plans. We cater healthy, nutritious meals that have been custom made to enable both these eating programs.

Health meals for weight control and body building

Our meals are ideal for those following weight loss programs or specific sports conditioning plans. Eating is where many weight management and lifestyle programs unravel. Preparing food in a healthy manner, in the right proportions and food groups takes time, planning and effort in preparation. Given our busy lifestyles with work, children, sports etc. preparing healthy meals becomes a burden. Let us do this for you.

Our clients can select just one meal, meals for the day or a variety of items from the menu for the week. We will prepare and pack them based on your needs.

You provide your meal plan and we prepare it for you

Clients are welcome to provide us with their own meal plans they are following based on guidance from their trainers, nutritionists or weight control groups and we will make these for you.

Healthy options at functions and events

We are able to provide you with healthy platters and meals which will ensure you have this as an option for your staff, clients and providers.

Healthy meals for your pets

We also provide healthy heat and eat meals for the “extended family” and have meals for your pets. These include a variety of chicken, mince and fish meals combined with a vegetable mix and rice to ensure a fully balanced and nutritious meal. The meals are packaged for deepfreeze/fridge storage and in microwavable containers allowing you just to heat when required.

We will facilitate healthy and nutritious eating for you, your family and your pets. We also stock health and sports supplements for a complete healthy weight conditioning program.

We aim to save you time on healthy meal preparation so you can focus on all the other important aspects of a happy healthy lifestyle.

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