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Ganico Organic Farm

Ganico is a beautiful Organic pomegranate farm in Muldersdrift, South Africa. The farm is a family run business, producing their own organic pomegranate products.

Muldersdrift, Gauteng

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A beautiful pomegranate farm

Welcome to the most beautiful organic pomegranate farm in South Africa. We operate out of an amazing place called Muldersdrift, where we are surrounded by boutique wedding venues and restaurants overlooking some of the finest scenery Muldersdrift has to offer. This farm is a family run business and we are passionate about all we do.  

Certified organic

We are a small boutique farm. We treat every single one of our Pomegranate trees with care. That means… we pick with passion! Our farm is certified Organic by BioOrg, and we have a reputation of upholding the highest standards.  We have a passion for keeping the earth and its produce as nature intended. Quite frankly…we wouldn’t have it any other way! 

So if you are ever in the area, just pop in and say hello.

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Organic Pomegranates

from Ganico Organic Farm

We pride ourself on our delicious Organic Pomegranates

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