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Swissland Goat's Cheese Farm

Now an institution in the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands, Swissland Farm was established in 1992 by farmer Fran Isaac. Now with a herd of 70 goats the farm provides a goat and cheese experience that people flock to.

Balgowan, KwaZulu-Natal

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Story by Carlin Archer

From goat lover to goat farmer


Fran Isaac has always been drawn to goats; in fact the goat is the animal of her zodiac sign. “I love goats,” Fran muses, “because they’re naturally curious and mischievous animals. You never know what they’re going to get up to.” She started keeping them as a hobby over 27 years ago while managing dairy farms in the Midlands. Her little flock of animals would move with them wherever they went.

Then in 1992, when the Midlands Meander route was just kicking off, Fran started Swissland Cheese. The idea was to create an experience for families - a place people could bring their kids to meet the goats, picnic, play and of course indulge in the freshly made artisan cheeses.

A goat experience in the lush hills of the KwaZulu-Natal Midlands

The farm itself is situated on the lush green rolling hills that are characteristic of the Midlands, where the goats have ample room to roam around and the small herd appear healthy and happy.

Part of the experience at Swissland is to watch the goats being milked, which happens daily at 3:30pm for an hour and is a real hit with the visitors. You can also watch the cheese making process through a large viewing window, before stocking up on products made on the farm and by Fran’s extended family from the farm shop. You can even create a picnic basket from many of the goodies in the shop, to enjoy out in the pastures.

A great range of artisanal goat’s cheese

The award winning cheeses we tasted during our visit to the farm included a soft Chevre and the firm, mature Pecorino. The full range of goats cheeses produced at Swissland are the Chevre, St. Maure, Chevin, Isinyani, Drakensberg, Cream Cheese,Brie, Feta and the Pecorino.

Swissland farm is set in the rolling hills of the Midlands.


Fran's goats all have names. All 70 of them!


Goats are curious. Here's one checking out the Camera Man Carlin's gear. Say "Cheese!"


A range of about ten goat's milk cheeses are made on the farm. You can buy them from the farm shop to enjoy as a picnic, or to take home.


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