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Mrs Bread Care - gluten-free breads

It's not easy to find high quality breads that are allergy-free. Or so we thought. Mrs Bread Care (Dalia) has made it her life mission to provide this for people. And she is succeeding.

Johannesburg, Gauteng

Phone 011 883 2383   Mobile 083 310 5819   

Story by Carlin Archer

Dalia, owner of Mrs Bread Care, is passionate about bread. But not just any kind of bread; she specialises in baking healthier, gluten-free and wheat-free varieties of bread.

We discovered Dalia and her breads while exploring the Bryanston Organic Market during our trip to Johannesburg in early 2012. It was obvious her breads must be good, if the long queue of people lining up at her market stall was anything to go by.

Allergy-free, but no compromise on taste

There’s a growing awareness of food allergies and Dalia’s passion is to cater for the special dietary requirements of these people and consumers interested in more wholesome, natural foods. As someone who tries to avoid wheat (for various reasons), I know on a personal level how difficult it is to find a bread replacement that doesn’t feel like a compromise - Dalia’ bread is certainly no compromise.

With some of her products she has even managed to recreate that soft, fluffy texture that I previously believed only possible from highly refined wheat flour. Dalia explained to us that one of the secrets to her success is that they mill their own flour, fresh everyday.

More than bread - baked goodies too!

A popular product in her range is the rice bread made from a sourdough rice flour, which has many nutritional benefits including being high in protein. Along with gluten-free breads, Mrs Breadcare also makes other products using organic grains that are lower in gluten such as spelt and quinoa. They also do pizza bases, hot cross buns, chelsea buns, muffins and a host of other baked delights. Her baked goods are ideal for people with food intolerances, diabetes, allergies, candida and celiac disease.

“It’s such a satisfaction to give people this gift of healthy food,” says Dalia.

You can purchase Mrs Bread Care products at her stall in Bryanston, as well as at Calorie Conscious in Fourways.

We got to try some of Mrs Bread Care bread while in Johannesburg last year. Definitely the yummy stamp of approval!


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