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Dargle Ducks

Dargle Ducks is a very young and brave venture from the Midlands, KZN. Dean and Serene have created a duck heaven for their open range ducks, which won the Best Small Producer: Paddock award in the Eat In DSTV awards this year.

Dargle, KwaZulu-Natal

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Story by Deni Archer

A perfect day for the ducks


Just as we are driving to meet another farmer in the Dargle area, the heavens open and the rain comes down. Not such great weather for touring a farm and taking photographs. Only fine weather for ducks, so they say. So it seemed appropriate that we were, in fact, visiting a duck farm. And if the ducks would be happy, then we would be happy too.  

Near the beautiful mountain of Inhlosane, Dean was waiting for us and when we arrived the grand tour began, in spite of the weather. While we may have been wet and under-equipped for shooting in the rain, the ducks did look happy fluffing and preening their feathers or roaming around their beautifully landscaped paddock, complete with swimming holes, bridges and tons of leafy green vegetables growing everywhere for their own personal enjoyment. Dean calls this an open-range farm - we call it Duck Heaven.

Ducks making first waves in the South African poultry market

Dargle Ducks is a very young and brave venture. It was conceived in 2009 shortly after Dean joined his mother Serene back on the family farm in Dargle. While around 35 million chickens are consumed every month in South Africa, ducks are not quite in the same league, and people have been quite slow on the uptake. However, while this business is still in the micro stages, it’s already won acknowledgement from the public - this year it was awarded the Best Small Producer: Paddock award in the Eat In DSTV awards. It’s no wonder many of the top restaurants in the Midlands and Durban buy Dargle Ducks.

We can vouch for the quality. Our visit to the farm was completed with a duck dinner compliments of farmer cum chef Dean - cooked over coals, the duck meat was succulent and tasty, with beautifully crisp skin.


[Image above compliments of Nikki Brighton]




Dargle Ducks are 'open range'. Dean has landscaped a large area of the farm for them, and planted up the area with spinach, cabbage and many other lush greens for them to feast on.


Next image compliments of


Duck on the coals, getting ready for dinner.


Grubs up! Dean served us each one duck. That's one whole duck each for dinner!


Pyromaniac posing as a duck farmer! Dean first shows us "swedish fire" (left) and later, one massive bonfire (right)


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