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Hope Meat Supplies

Hope Meats are a husband and wife team passionate about supplying top quality meat to individuals who care about the humane treatment of animals and traceability of their food. The meat products are "as close to organic as possible".

Durban/Greater Durban, KwaZulu-Natal

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Story by Carlin Archer

The truth about meat


All steaks are not equal. In times of increasingly industrial methods of producing food, it pays to look further into the way animals are raised when sourcing the meat for your braai. While more of us nowadays are aware of the terrible conditions on industrial chicken farms, with the misleading marketing practices out there, you’d be forgiven for thinking that your steak came from a cow living in a lush meadow, grazing on a diet of healthy green grass all day.

Unfortunately here in South Africa this idyllic picture is becoming further and further from the truth. Many of cows are now raised in high density feedlots and fed on an unnatural diet consisting only of grains. Grains have the unfortunate side effect of making cows more prone to illness, a contributing factor in the increasing use of routine antibiotics (Read ‘The omnivore's dilemma’ by Michael Pollan for more information).

Every steak has a silver lining

Viki and Michael Ker-Fox of Hope Meats in the KZN Midlands are doing their bit in reversing this trend. Back in 2007 the couple saw a need in the market for free-range, hormone and antibiotic-free meats. Having no experience of butchering, Michael embarked on an intensive two-week course to skill up on the subject.

Viki’s parents, Graham and Lynne Hope, breed the cattle sold by Hope Meats on their farm in the Underberg. The animals are pasture-raised, feeding on grass for most of their lives, and only switching to locally grown, crushed maize for the last two months.

Rather than routinely applying antibiotics to the animals as is the convention, Viki and Michael manage any sickness in their herds by isolating the sick animal immediately. They also have an agreement with their abattoir to slaughter their animals on arrival. This means they don’t spend the day waiting around, accumulating unnecessary stress.

Hope Meats now produces free-range lamb, beef, chicken and pork with the guarantee that their meat only comes from animals bred on the family farm. While they can’t guarantee organic, they produce meat as close to organic as possible.

Hope Meat Supplies is only KZN based and deliveries are limited to Durban and surrounds.

Hope Farm's cows heading back from the pastures after a busy day of grazing. Cows are bred in the Underberg and spend the last few months of their lives on this farm near Pietermaritzburg.


On another part of the farm, the sheep are on the move.


Out in the pasture, an ewe has just given birth to two lambs. Here she is cleaning them off while another two ewes look on supportively.


Lambs are born with a yellow coating. This is a layer of lubrication oils that assist with the birthing process.


Other babies on the farm are eagerly waiting for their evening feed. While they nurse with their mothers for part of the day, they spend some time together in the nursery too.


You can order your meat online weekly. There are set delivery points where you need to collect your meat. There is no minimum order quantity - order as much or as little as you like.



Hillcrest: 10.15 to 10.30am
Heritage Market (lower parking near Star Anise & Beat Café)

Kloof: 11.00-11.15am
Outside Stokers

Westville: 11.45-12.00am
Outside swimming pool (Attercliffe Road / St James Ave)

Shongweni: 12.30-12.45pm
Engen Garage, Polo Pony



Glenwood: 9.30-9.45am
Outside Corner Café (corner of Cromwell & Brand)

Durban North: 11.00am-11:15am
Kensington Rd (500m down Kensington from Broadway, towards Old Mill Way)

Umhlanga & Mt Edgecombe: 11.45 - 12.00pm
Pioneer Park, Autumn Drive off Herwood Drive
Field where Umhlanga market is held (past Sharks Board)

Springfield Park: 12.30-12.45pm
Home Centre (near Fruit & Veg)


Shongweni Farmers Market: 6.30am-10am

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