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Image for 'Kleinjongenskraal Farm'

Kleinjongenskraal Farm

A rustically beautiful farm in Citrusdal growing citrus fruits, deciduous fruits, rooibos bushes for rooibos tea, buchu, proteas, free range chickens, pot-bellied pigs and some vegetables.

Citrusdal, Western Cape

Where you can find it

Ethical Co-Op (
Citrusdal Market
Organic Zone in Cape Town


Story by Carlin Archer

It’s a rustic place, Kleinjongenskraal Farm, tucked away in the jagged hills and far removed from the hectic pace of the rest of the world. Remote fields of corn sway in the wind, ducks play under the sprinklers and pot-belly pigs roam around with the chickens in search of food.

The farm was under conventional citrus when Leslie and Caro took over in 1976. But after experiencing the loss of their beehives after spraying a conventional pesticide one season, and observing the natural eco-system being thrown out of balance after all the aphids died at the same time, they came to the sudden realisation that petro-chemical sprays were not the answer. Instead they now use biological defences - which work as long as the fields and orchards are kept clean and healthy. They have also no longer use chemical fertilisers and their dried fruit products are all sulphur-free.

Leslie is adamant that nothing that could damage the environment be brought onto the farm, believing that it is their privilege and responsibility to take care of such a pristine place. “We are stewards of the land and must leave it as we found it after we are gone,” he days.

While they practice organic principles at the farm, they are not yet certified. Instead they have opted for an open door policy allowing customers to visit and camp on the farm.

Francois, the new farm manager, is exploring the possibility of setting up an aquaponics operation. Aquaponics is the process of raising fish in tanks using circulating water and plants that filter the nutrients from the water. There is no wastewater in such a process as the used water goes straight onto the open fields or into a worm-farm.

When we visited in February during our Real Food Trip around South Africa they were growing citrus fruits, deciduous fruits, rooibos, buchu, vegetables and proteas, as well as raising free range chickens and pot-bellied pigs.

You can order their produce from in the Cape Town area.

Video of Kleinjongenskraal Farm

The welcoming sight of Kleinjongenskraal nestled in a remote valley beckons to the weary traveller


The farm is mixed produce - fruit, vegetables, pot-bellied pigs, chickens and duck, to name a few


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