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Red Barn Free Range Farm

Red Barn is a Free range chicken farm based in George. Our chickens are grown in uniquely moveable houses on pastures. They are REALLY FREE to roam and behave naturally. Our free range chicken and free range eggs are produced as close to organically as possible. Red Barn believes in sustainable, humane chicken farming which allows us to produce exceptional chicken and egg products. We have a large range of products from whole chicken to chicken sausages and even chicken mince! The finest quality chicken at affordable prices.

George, Western Cape

Where you can find it

Red Barn Free Range Farmshop, near George airport

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Website    Phone 0448760014   Mobile 0711173324    Email

Red Barn FREE Range Chickens are grown on my farm in George, on the magnificent Garden Route of South Africa. 

I started growing chickens when I couldn't find any PROPER chicken anywhere.  our first batch was just 50 day olds, we grew them and harvested them, then thought " Oh my goodness where are we going to put them?"  So we bought a chest freezer to store them in and phoned all our friends to help themselves.  They did, and they came back for more, and more and purely by word of mouth Red Barn was in business!

Our farm has the most beautiful view of the Outeniqua Mountain range, it’s close to George Airport and about 10km from the centre of GEORGE. Our Farm shop is open to the public map to Red Barn Free Range Farm

People often ask us why our chickens taste so good - so “in an eggshell” I will try and explain more about free range chicken.. We absolutely love our chickens! As Filip says “We only sell what we don’t eat..” 

This is me, Lindy, (aka “the fowl woman”)  I’ve always had a dream to grow chickens in Free environment with moveable shelters.  People thought I was “cuckoo”.. maybe, but we’ve done it!  After much learning and many mistakes it’s a dream come true!  we are now growing  Big, Fat, happy, healthy, FREE chickens and that taste absolutely “Deevine” and Indigenous Free range eggs that are as golden as the African sun.

Free Range Chicken houses

Red Barn's laying hens are Boschveld Indigenous chickens, really South African!  They produce the most wonderful eggs with the yellowest yokes around.  Naturally our hens and cockerels roam free!

Free range eggs and laying hens


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