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Image for 'Piket-Bo-Berg Farmers Market'

Piket-Bo-Berg Farmers Market

This quaint little farmers' market at the top of the magnificent Versfeld mountain pass is a community building initiative. Good food and music awaits.

Note: Food With A Story has included these details on behalf of Piket-Bo-Berg Farmers Market. If you are from Piket-Bo-Berg Farmers Market please contact us to get profiled and/or have the listing transferred.

Piketberg, Western Cape

Phone 022-914-5652   Email

Story by Deni Archer

Up and up... and up


The Versfeld Pass draws you up the rocky facade of the mountain through a succession of precipitous kinks and twists that make you wonder at what up there would make the building of such a road worthwhile. The lofty and lush valley that awaits does the road justice. As do the eclectic mix of people who inhabit it.

A 'no-man's land' unites the community

We met a few of the locals at the quaint Piket-Bo-berg farmer’s market, which happens on the last Saturday of each month. The community initiative aiming to provide a regular meeting place for local farmers is hosted by Riëtte Bryant on the Kruisementvlei farm (also a lovely place to stay). A jovial and vital spirit, Reinette says her farm was chosen as the spot because it’s a bit of a “no-man’s land”. “We needed somewhere that could become a common ground for local farmers. When they come here, arguments are put aside, and people can just enjoy each other.”  It’s also a place the locals come to share ideas, and gain inspiration. Jean Paterson, who grows pesticide-free almonds in addition to commercial apples and pears, says the conversations she has at the market motivate her in new ventures.

Eats and treats

Set under magnificent oak trees, the market is small but there is a good variety of wares to try and buy. From artisanal bread by Mark Joubert (of Fordabelli), to locally produced mead from Colin and Pam Tedder. There’s also olive oil (bring your own bottle), springbok pies, meat, croissants, German sausage, and a selection of seasonal fresh goods and products. A novel idea is the community table, where anyone can bring surplus produce to sell without having to commit to a stall every month. It also provides a platform for young entrepreneurs from the farming community to experiment with little business ideas.

And the music is great. Kosie, Kobus and Connie - farm workers by day, musicians by night - strum away casually under the awning, adding to the friendly atmosphere, and making you want to stay all day.

A quaint little market situated under beautiful oaks


Kosie, Kobus, and Connie. The three amazing musos who make up the band Pikart (they're looking for a drummer)


"Organic blitz", or natural firestarter... a unique item sold at the market


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