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Cut&Bake - Hand Crafted Cookie Dough

Hand-crafted cookie dough, ready to bake!

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City bowl / central city, Cape Town, Western Cape

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A tray of golden cookies, are so much more than the sum of their decadent buttery parts – In each melt in your mouth bite, is a story from Tamara Aeschliman’s childhood spent at her grandparent’s farm in Colfax, USA.
She recalls, “ As little girls my sister and I found Gran's kitchen to be the start of it all. We made biscuits for our county rodeo, and used salt in our recipe instead of sugar for our biscuits! Fortunately Mum was kind enough to test them before the judges so our mistake was caught early. We had much to learn! We would spend endless hours hanging on Gran's every elegant move, describing what she was doing as if we were narrating a TV cooking show. We'd use kitchen utensils as microphones and sing to our stuffed animals that we called the ‘Chocolate Chip Choir’.
We were wildly creative, My brother even joined us and made up his favourite flavour which was "blueappleorangeaberry". As we slowly learned the different recipes I became obsessed with biscuits, and biscuit dough. Our bus ride to school was 45 minutes long, so I used to make large batches of different biscuit doughs like M&M, peanut butter, or orange-cranberry, and eat the dough on the bus on the way to school.”
Tamara moved to South Africa, and brought her Grandma’s legacy with her. As a young woman and entrepreneur, these secret family recipes are one of the many treasured heirlooms the glamour granny ‘Grandma Eva’ has bestowed upon Tamara. At her confectionery studio, Tamara sleeps, bakes, speaks and eats her passion - lovingly preparing rolls of delicious ready to cut and bake cookie dough. After 8 minutes, the oven door is opened, a whirl of memory fills the kitchen and sweet nostalgia permeates the air….Tamara's passion for food and baking  diffuses into all aspects of her life, she even does her immaculate hair and make-up  in the reflective door of her oven every morning.

Aside from the baked goodness of home-made biscuits, the unrivalled hedonism of indulging in a comforting spoon of cookie dough is something many South Africans are yet to discover. The delicious dough, makes for effortless and convenient baking in today’s fastpaced lifestyle. 5 of Grandma Eva’s recipes are available and ready to be devoured, the artisinal range extends to : chewy Oatmeal and Raisin. Warm and aromatic Ginger Spice . Soft Butter Shortbread. Fudgy and decadent Choc Chunk, and lastly a rich peanut butter recipe that very simply, tastes like more. And more... And more.
Tamara muses over her journey and undertaking, to end what she  dubbed as a serious and dire ‘cookie depravity’ in South Africa.
“I developed a reputation with my friends for my biscuits, especially around the December Holidays as I religiously made little sweet baskets for those around me. Kilos of butter later, voila! Gastronomic masterpieces from Grandma.” Tamara has used Grandma Eva's recipes as her inspiration and has developed them to to her own liking, but of course she's not going to say how!
The cut&bake brand is the brainchild of a dynamic entrepreneur Tamara Aeschilman – who has taken her family values and memories to created an affordable convenience product that speaks of integrity, nostalgia and reliability. Despite current economic conditions the team behind cut&bake is dedicated to launching the range and achieving a sustainable and prominent position in the market place.

Tamara Aeschliman, Director of cut&bake has been actively involved in the food industry  for over 10 years. She has harnessed a team of creative thinkers, who assist her in driving her brand. She is actively integrated into the Cape Town hub of commerce and social networking,  and has solid trade and personal relationships with a broad spectrum of clients and vendors. 
“Everything is always brilliant! I’ve never had a problem! I will definitely do more business in the future!” Sivan Naidoo – Southern Sun Executive Chef “Awesome! Absolutely love it! Easy. Delicious. We need more of it!”
Cameron & Justin – Co owners of Superette & The Cape Town & Johannesburg Neighbourhood Goods Market
“What always stands out to me is Tamara’s eagerness and perfectionism towards the highest possible quality in a product and relations with those around her.”
John Fletcher – Operations Director for Fruit & Veg City Holdings
“Turning passion into taste. Tamara mastered how to make an everyday person enjoy a good home-made product with half the effort and twice the fun!”
Bradley Maseko – Director of Branded Youth Insights
“Tamara’s insights, keen instincts and intellect adds value to any endeavour and enterprise. Her integrity, dedication and vision inspire confidence and action in those around her.” Eldred de Klerk – Principle Associate, AFRICA Analysis

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