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Naturally Organic - certified organic vegetable farm

Naturally Organic is a small organic farm based in Phillipi, on the outskirts of Cape Town. Skye is its young farmer.

Cape Town, Western Cape

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Ethical Co-Op  
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Story by Deni Archer

Not enough answers drives a normal guy to farming

What do you know about that carrot you’re eating? Where did it come from? Who grew it, and how? These are the questions Skye from Naturally Organic asked himself several years ago. His conclusion was that if he didn’t know, he didn’t want to eat it. He also decided that he didn’t like the idea of being reliant on a food system he didn’t have any control over. He wanted to grow his own.

Skye, who is also studying psychology part-time, was lucky enough to secure a piece of land in Phillipi, on the outskirts of Cape Town. He describes plants as being akin to children. They need a number of carefully measured inputs to grow into healthy adults. At first, Skye didn’t know exactly what these were, and began experimenting with growing techniques he learned from books and the internet. Circle gardens, companion planting, worm tea, compost recipes, organic fertiliser cocktails… you name it, he tried it all – with minimal success.

Learning the ropes

It was only after talking to his neighbour, a seasoned conventional farmer, that he realised understanding his soil was at the heart of it. Phillipi suffers from extremely sandy soil, and his neighbour explained that plenty of manure and lots of feeding was needed to give the plants some “vooma”. On top of this, Skye needed to understand the plants’ individual needs – how much water, how much food, and how much wind and sun protection they require.

Skye clearly got the hang of it all and now runs an abundant organic farm that is certified by the Bio-Dynamic & Organic Certification Authority (BDOCA). And his business, Naturally Organic, has grown into a trusted supplier of a number of Cape Town businesses, including Earthshine Raw Pizza and The Ethical Co-op.

Farming not a solo sport

Despite the harshness of the soil there, Skye loves Phillipi. It’s close to the city and there’s a solid farming community in which everyone helps each other. They share knowledge and use each other’s skills and farm output. Skye has achieved his goal of taking control of his own food supply, and feels that, as part of his community, he is as self-sufficient as he needs to be for now. Since he’s not only managing to cater for his own needs, but also that of a broader community in Cape Town, we’d agree that he’s doing pretty well!

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