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Rosetta Roastery Organic Single-origin coffee: Honduras Marcala

Strictly High Grown Organic Arabica Coffee from Marcala, La Paz, in Honduras

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This strictly high-grown single origin coffee is grown up amongst the Montecillos Mountains in the Honduran Province of La Paz - more specifically in Marcala - a premium coffee growing region in the country. With a full body, subtle acidity, and intensely sweet notes of molasses and caramelised sugar, this coffee pours incredibly as both espresso or slow brew. 

At Rosetta Roastery we source coffees that are more than just a morning pick-me-up. They're sensory experiences. Here's how our Honduras makes us feel:


"Familiar comforts - the sweet scent of cinnamon, a glass of wine, and the safety of home – surround me as I lean back against the soft leather; its mottled molasses hue and patches of toffee brown glow in the firelight. At ease in its well-worn embrace, I'm finally able to think."


Available as whole beans, or ground on request.

Rosetta Roastery delivers coffee to your door at locations nationwide. Contact us at for more details. 

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