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Restaurants! Get noticed by EatOut Magazine - before 30 June

Call to restaurants to submit their details for SA’s top restaurant guide

SA’s most trusted restaurant guide, the annual Eat Out magazine, is re-vamping its 2014 issue and is giving all restaurants the opportunity to put their hands up to be considered for the issue.  Restaurants must simplysubmit an easy-to-complete form at no cost, by 30 June 2013.

"We’re taking Eat Out to a new level and giving every restaurant the chance to earn their place in the ‘Eat Out 500’ – a power list of great restaurants across South Africa. We want everyone to have a chance to be considered, says Anelde Greeff, Content Director for Eat Out.

Restaurants who submit themselves to be part of the Eat Out 500 will be scored on a variety of criteria by a panel of 50 of South Africa’s top food/restaurant industry experts. The criteria include food (menu composition, seasonality, presentation, wine etc.), service and ambience.

The 500 restaurants with the highest aggregate scores will appear in the 16th annual issue of the Eat Out magazine, which will go on sale in November 2013.


Download the form ( ) or complete the form online (  For more information, visit or email For more updates, like Eat Out on Facebook and follow@eat_out on Twitter.

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