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News roundup - from sustainable seafood to saving the farmlands and more


Blog by Deni Archer

SASSI Seafood Circle

Last week WWF-SASSI announced its new initiative, the SASSI Seafood Circle. This initiative, which is sponsored by Pick n Pay, celebrated chefs that are taking responsibility for seafood choices in their kitchens. SASSI undertook an extensive assessment of 70 restaurants across South Africa, looking at the various approaches to implementing, supporting and promoting sustainable seafood practices. Forty-five restaurants made the shortlist, but in the end only 12 were chosen as the ultimate “trailblazers” of seafood sustainability. See who they are here. The awards evening showcased delicious sustainable seafood options, like yellowtail sushi!

PHA Food and Farming

We attended a meeting in Philippi of concerned residents, farmers and organisations who are aware of the threat from property developers on Cape Town’s agricultural bread basket. The PHA Food and Farming group are actively campaigning to reclaim the 450 hectares of fertile virgin land in the agricultural area that has been bought by a property developer for middle income housing. The rezoning of the land is underway despite studies highlighting the importance of the land for food production, and well-known issues of food insecurity the abound in the Cape - according to a study by UCT, over 70% of Cape Town’s resident are food insecure. The PHA have developed plans which show how the land can be used to produce all of Cape Town’s fresh produce needs, organically, while supporting grassroots enterprise development. More on this coming soon...

TAJ Classic Wine Trophy

The annual TAJ Classic Wine Trophy awards ceremony was held on the 8th of March 2013 at the Taj Hotel. The awards celebrate the top SA wineries as adjudicated by a panel of respected French judges. Many of the winning wines are terroir wines - which means there is a strong correlation between their taste and the geology of the area they are grown. Wine expert Neil Pendock predicted that terroir wine will be South Africa’s saving grace in defending against “the scourge of bulk wine”. The winning wine farms also include many boutique wine farms, where grapes are handpicked and wine is craft-cultivated. Six of the 14 winners were also chosen to be served in the Taj restaurant and to be featured in GQ magazine. See the winners here.

The Eat Out DSTV Produce Awards

The much anticipated produce awards went off last Friday, and as usual they included a number of producers we list on our story directory. This year these include: French goats’ cheesemaker Pepe Charlot, Neil Jewell’s charcuterie, and Farmer Angus at Spier. South Africa has so much to offer in terms of high quality produce, and creative people who are making beautiful things with them. And a lot of the time, it’s done ethically too. Double whammy. We like. Here’s the full list of winners for 2013.

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