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Announcing the SASSI Seafood Circle "Trailblazer chefs"


Last week WWF-SASSI announced its new initiative, the SASSI Seafood Circle. This initiative, which is sponsored by Pick n Pay, celebrated chefs that are taking responsibility for seafood choices in their kitchens. SASSI undertook an extensive assessment of 70 restaurants across South Africa, looking at the various approaches to implementing, supporting and promoting sustainable seafood practices, including:

  • The restaurant’s seafood sustainability policy;
  • The effectiveness of their communication of their seafood sustainability practices to their customers, employees and suppliers;
  • Their level of engagement in communicating their seafood sustainability practices to a wider audience (e.g. via social media, TV appearances, etc.);
  • The ‘Trailblazer factor’ i.e. those chefs and restaurants that are going the extra mile in promoting and supporting seafood sustainability.
Forty-five restaurants made the shortlist, but in the end only 12 were chosen as the ultimate “trailblazers” of seafood sustainability. Here they are:

Cape Town and surrounds
  • Brad Ball, Bistro 1682, Steenberg
  • Vanessa Marx, Dear Me, Cape Town
  • Henry Vigar, La Mouette, Seapoint
  • Tanja Kruger, Majeka House, Stellenbosch
  • Bjorn Guido, The Millhouse, Somerset West
  • Rudi Liebenberg, The Mount Nelson, Cape Town
  • Chris Erasmus, Pierneef a la Motte, Franschoek
  • Bertus Basson, Overture, Stellenbosch
  • Stefan Marais, Societi Bistro, Cape Town

Durban and surrounds

  • Jackie Cameron, Hartford House, Mooi River
  • Kevin Joseph, Oyster Box, Durban


  • Marthinus Ferreira, DW Eleven-13, Johannesburg

WWF-SASSI Trailblazers: WWF-SASSI Trailblazers (Bistro 1682), Tanja Kruger (Majeka House), Bjorn Guido (The Millhouse), Rudi Liebenberg (The Mount Nelson), Steā€™fan Marais (Societi Bistro), Vanessa Marx (Dear Me) and Henry Vigar (La Mouette)


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